A Quest for Roots of Creativity

Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology, University of Kelaniya

Creativity is not a concept that is easy to define. Sometimes it has been considered as a paradox or a mystery. In scientific literature, it is defined as '' a novel combination of old ideas''. When looking back at the human history, most of the genius creations had emerged unexpectedly. This apparent unpredictability of creativity has made it impossible to give any systematic explanation on its ontology. Creativity is a mental process but psychologists are still struggling to find a suitable definition to explain it. Humans make themselves genius among the animal world because of their creative brilliance. First tool makers of the world 2 million years ago attempted to remake the material world based on their preconceptions and subsequently it had developed through the ages at an uninterrupted pace. Creative spirit had made hominins more human and the history of human creativity provides us a great deal of information which signifies the way the human species had coped with their surrounding world and express it to the wider community who wish to share it. Creative ideas stem from prehistoric periods and were associated with cognitive spheres and sometimes with technology. My intension here is to explain the early signatures of the conscious attempts of the inhabitants in Sri Lanka that could be classified as creative endeavours which had been inspired or if not rooted in the aesthetic sensation of the historical periods. It will be a fusion of material data through an archaeological perspective.