eTwistermology: Embodied and Collaborative Writing

I invite you, through this lecture, to consider the methodological affordances of synthesising embodied and collaborative modes of thinking and writing. After reflecting briefly on the classic game of Twister™ and its promise of a joyous entanglement of bodies, I will survey a range of recent (and not-so-recent) commentators and exponents of embodied writing from a range of approaches, such as: choreography; practice as research; performative writing; feminist philosophy; and phenomenology. Then I will conduct a similar survey of collaborative writing approaches, perhaps more often deployed in scientific discourses. I will illustrate this second survey with some of my own recent experiments with writing collaborators. Finally, I will attempt to bring the two approaches together – forgive me, eTwistermologically – and speculate about the kinds of knowledge/s that such a synthesis might describe and articulate.